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What can we do for you?

IVR - Hosting and Creation

Interactive Voice Recognition is used everyday to answer phones around the world. We have the expertise to create all manner of applications using IVR from the simple information line to the most complex ordering systems. We use the latest techniques in VOIP, VXML and CCXML. Don't be put off by the technical complexities, that's our job to take care of for you.

Contact us today and discuss how you would like to use IVR in your organisation. No job is too small for us to create.

Training that creates smiles

Integrating voice conversations to your existing learning is much easier than you may think. Add a 'call me' button or a 'QRCode' to your eLearning or mLearning and we can trigger a call to the learner.

Who is on the end of the call? An interactive voice conversation using a real voice, not a real person. We have specialised with 20 years of training and learning development expertise to create real conversations to assist in learning. This is an exciting adition to the blend you can provide in your learning programmes.

Information Delivery PON

Point of Need (PON) delivery of vital information has become an important part of our daily business life. Finding the information you need can sometimes be expensive both in terms of time and resource.

Phone2Know can provide PON telephone conversations or SMS connections just at the moment required. From an engineer in the field needing assistance with an on-site service, to, a member of the public in a museum wanting more information of the artifact they are looking at, or, a fully descriptive tour of a property on sale by dialling a number on the 'For Sale' board outside a house.

Intelligent Support - HelpDesk

No more waiting in line, no more recordings no more endless choices of press1 for this or press2 for that.

Interactive Voice Support desk asks you what you need help with, using real voices and understands the replies that you give. The IVR system will even ask you questions and based on your replies offer the assistance you need.

If the IVR system cannot solve your issue it will connect you to a specialist, based upon your responses during the call. Contact us today and discuss how we can help you with your customer support.

SMS Training tracked with xAPI

Put a smile on the face of everyone using their mobile phone. Smartphone not required. Using sms messaging deliver learning at a pace to suit the learner. Track it with LRS and Tin Can for analytics.

Research shows people answer a text on delivery in 84% of cases. SMS is a surefire way to deliver learning at the point of need. Deliver to smartphones with pictures, links and PDF's as well as text.

Phone2Know specialises in producing sms conversational learning. We have a working demo with WaxLRS tracking using Tin Can.

Test it right now, send an sms with the word start to +44(0)786 0022919 and follow the instructions.

Another application?

Have you thought of an application we have not mentioned?

How about delivering to those with poor sight? Information to meet the Equality Act or Section 508?

Database driven applications that can calculate, take credit card information or record incidents in real time? Something else?

Contact us today and we can advise how to make your mobile application talk to your end user using any of our available technologies including VOIP, VXML, CCXML, QRCode, SMS and eLearning.