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Hospital help-desk

The machine in use is for testing blood gas. The operator is normally the doctor. Two problems occur every day, each time with a different doctor. These may seem simple but there is no manual. The eLearning created to train in the use of this machine contains videos to solve the problem, but is two buildings away, the doctor has a syringe of blood to test right now!

On the front of the machine is a phone number for assistance from Phone2Know.

A quick call and a real voice states: "You are calling about a RL1200 blood gas machine. Do you wish to change the paper? Do you have a blocked sample port? or Do you have another enquiry?"

From this point you are in conversation with an IVR system to talk you though your issue.

Customer assistance
Product information

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Performance support

Every engineer has been in this position. Phone cradled under his left ear and getting advice on how to terminate the cable, or which wire joins to which. Things we all knew when we left the depot, didn’t we?

But now on site that awful 'I can’t remember' moment. Or worse, 'this box is not how I remember it from that training course last year'.

Who is on the phone? Phone2Know. Providing a step-by-step set of instructions to ensure the work gets completed on time.

Providing engineers and technical staff step-by-step instructions in small chunks with the ability to call back and continue where they last left off, is Phone2Know’s performance support ability with IVR VXML and CCXML technology.

Technical support
Information line
Job card delivery and completion

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Simulation training

How often have you called a call centre yourself and wondered if they were reading a script?

Ask them a question they don’t know and you will be on hold as they ask for help.

For the Call Centre manager the key is to provide great training to all those answering phones. But how often do you wish you could simulate an inbound call without using live role play?

Well now you can. Phone2Know will provide a full conversation as an inbound call triggered by a manager or even from within an eLearning screen.

Allow the user to practice a call with a trainer who can interject where required.

All automated with no requirement for a trainer to be on site.

Sales training
Product training
Cultural communication skills

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