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More Than 30 Years of Experience

Our founder and CEO Neil Lasher has been involved in training and information since the early 80's.

Phone2Know as a service was developed with the knowledge of how people learn, how they use mobile technology and of course how they interact with others.

Interactive Voice Technology (IVT) and SMS are the logical steps towards delivery of information using any mobile device.

Often interviewed at eLearning Guild events, Neil outlines some of his views of the future in mLearning and the use of mobile devices for gaining information. "When you consider that by the end of 2012 it is predicted there will be more smartphones in circulation than people on the planet and users on average turn to their phone for information once every four minutes, then no wonder there is a large surge towards mobile devices for portability and immediate accessibilty for information" ... "combine this with the social activity taking place on the phone in text and broadcast and you realise that the mobile phone is an accepted device for communication in everyones pocket."

The concept of voice which is native to every telephone device is a logical move for all developers as has been seen in the consumer space with Siri and Cluzee and other voice systems designed for manufacturer's individual devices.

Phone2Know is not device specific and will converse with you on any pre-designed subject not just controlling the device. The futue of learning is conversation.





Hear Neil speaking on this subject at:

7th Annual Learning World 2013 Feb 27-28 Singapore
Learning Solutions March 13th-15th 2013 Disney FL

Better Strategies

Creating mobile strategies is key to getting it right first time. We believe creating a mobile strategy for your organisation is not something you can achieve alone. Before you build your mobile strategy contact us for advice.

More Opportunities

Mobile brings opportunities around every corner. No longer do you have to wait to return to the office for infomation or asistance in making a sale. Phone2Know is just a call away, ask us how we can help.


Neil is one of the sharpest guys I have met. I am constantly inspired by his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Beyond ideas Neil has real solutions to real issues organizations have everyday. I have put Neil on my list of smart people to call when I need advice you should too.

Jeff Tillett, T-Mobile

Neil is a creative ball of energy when it comes to organizational development and workplace performance. His passion is contagious, and he never fails to excite, intrigue and add insight.

Brandon Carson, Yahoo

When you meet someone with a significant public profile, there is a danger that they will not come up to your expectations. In my experience, there is ZERO probability of that with Neil; his real persona is even stronger than his public image. Genuine, realistic, innovative, trustworthy, and inspirational are five adjectives that, to my mind, capture his personality and approach.

Alan Bellinger
Learning & Performance Institute

Neil is the expert on elearning. If you need to get it up and running he will deliver. If you need to learn more just go to his presentations. He also has a wealth of business knowledge that will help you get the results you need.

William Webster
Barbican Learning